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Truth Patrol Truth Patrol

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Seriously man, always enjoying your artwork over Facebook. I saw you were frontpaged and gratz!

Oy, I was almost frontpaged with my game Crumbled 2, but got beat out slightly out of 5th place from a low-effort tutorial about how to do something like this or that. Without a trophy you didn't have a chance of getting on the front page... I even recall messaging Top Fulp after explaining what happened; asking to be able to publish "developer updates" on their front page because hell, that was cool as shit at 15-years-old when Crumbled 2 released, and still is now... But, required a trophy. That man manually gave me the ability to do developer updates and I will never forget his generosity, even mentioned his interest in sponsoring Crumbled 3 (which was never released, yet).

Man, looking at how we met, doing the Explosion Collab, it's awesome haha. Looking back at this whole website is awesome, and after writing this "review" I'm most certainly going to check out a few more things from the front page. Your bio in the explosion collab: "I are Littleluckylink - BEHOLD." And man, there was a lot to behold. I was just a game developer with poor art and animation skills that really liked explosions, fire etc. who really wanted to say "hey, I organized a collab on Newgrounds" for reasons. But you, you really helped hold that collab together, doing the intro, doing the outro, and even an animation inbetween. Lot's of talented animators joined in on that collaboration but it would not have been the same without you whatsoever.

Explosion Collab (2007):

Explosion Collab Reviews Mentioning You:
"The carrot.. oh the carrot. LOL the carrot was really good, some of them where the tweened gradient circles moved out were cruddy, i like the one with the snail most."

"Nice. This collab was really well done. A bit of a letdown, but still high quality. It had alot of good parts, and alot of meh parts. My favorites were LittleLuckyLink's and TheTriangle's. You guys should make another. I would join teh second, but explosions intimidate me XD. Good luck guys!"

Those were the reviews that mentioned much of anyone in a positive light. I must say I've always enjoyed the way you describe your art, setting a stage, leading even more up to the imagination. Always looking forward to what further creativity you bring into this world! Your unique art is the "bomb diggity" and it's always a pleasure when it shows up in my News Feed. I've shown many a friend your artwork off of Facebook.


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Sexy Sexy

I'd tap it

FYROM responds:

I bet it would hurt

Jake Jake

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Cool, just my resolution too.